Hello, my name is Kyle Wagner and I am a physical therapist at In Motion Physical Therapy in Downingtown, PA. I would like to talk about Plantar Fasciitis, a painful condition in the affecting the tissue covering the heel and foot.

Plantar fasciitis is a diagnosed used commonly to explain pain to the heel and bottom of foot, more often on the middle side. Patients commonly complain of this pain worst when first walking after sitting or sleeping, or when pulling toes upwards.  This pain is often noticed after recent increases in activity such as standing, walking, or running. This pain may also cause a limp which may or may not improve as walking continues.

Plantar fasciitis is most commonly treated without surgery. Physical therapists have been shown to help treating this pain and improve daily activities with a combination of strengthening, stretching, manual therapy, as well as use of different types of splinting, bracing, taping, and adjusting shoe ware. 

Please, if you are having pain in your foot or heel, please give us a call today at 610-518-9100.