Ankle injuries are a very common musculoskeletal complaint which are commonly treated in outpatient physical therapy clinics. A sprain is what happens when the ligaments between bones are over stretched in abnormal angles, such as when the foot twists, turns, or rolls beyond it’s normal range of motion.

Ankle sprains are often thought of as sports injuries, but they are also a common occurrence in every day activities such as stepping off a curb or slipping on grass or gravel and they can happen at any age. The degree of severity of an injury can range from mild to severe and can even occur in the presence of a fracture. Physical therapists are experts in caring for these injuries and restoring function after an injury has taken place.

We can assist with advising on a potential need for bracing or the use of an assistive device, as well as to establish a program to care for deficits after an acute injury which may include range of motion, balance and propriocetive activities, neuromuscular control exercises, and a global strengthening program. Physical therapy manual techniques can reduce recovery time and supervised interventions can also assist in the prevention of future ankle sprains so that it does not become a chronic problem.

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