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Over the past several years, In Motion has held Clinics for Runners in early spring.  These clinics are designed to give both the novice and professional runner / athlete valuable information about topics related to maximizing performance and injury prevention.  Please see Clinic Info for highlights from last year's event.
  • The 2017 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic was a big success with its focus on cross-training.
  • The 2016 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic added an "Ask the Doctor" station and a Speed Training Station.
  • The 2015 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic focused on injury prevention, nutrition, and maximizing performance as well as updated exciting interactive tools for staying healthy in the new year.
  • The 2014 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic was updated to focus on tendon and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.
  • The 2013 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic focused on lower extremity biomechanical issues