All truths are NOT self evident, and NOT all are created equal. At least, not at In Motion. You see, in the proverbial pursuit of health and happiness, all physical therapists are NOT the same, not by a long shot….but, why does that matter? Because at In Motion, we believe that you, our patient, deserve the unalienable right to the best healthcare possible.

How do we deliver? Through education and specialization.

Three of nine of our clinicians are board certified in orthopedics. What’s the big deal you say? Well, out of 205,000 physical therapists employed in the USA, less than 8,500 or 4% of those are board certified…. nationwide. At In Motion, three of the nine on staff or 33% of our PT’s are board certified right here in Downingtown, PA. Two of our physical therapists have advanced credentials in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, AKA McKenzie Certified in the spine. One PT is Maitland Certifiied (COMT) in manual therapy; In Motion has clinicians certified in Kinesiotaping, and the Graston technique and ALL, yes All 9 of our clinicians are ART (Active Release Technique) certified.

So, when you consider what factors are important with respect to your healthcare needs, I hope you will think of In Motion and the emphasis that we place on combining caring and concern for you and your individual goals, personal investment in you as a unique individual, and our continued education and specialization to ensure that your health problems are history, a thing of the past!

Be well, stay In Motion!