Over the past several years, In Motion has held Clinics for Runners in early spring. These clinics are designed to give both the novice and professional runner / athlete valuable information about topics related to maximizing performance and injury prevention.

  • The 2017 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic was a big success with its focus on cross-training.
  • The 2016 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic added an “Ask the Doctor” station and a Speed Training Station.
  • The 2015 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic focused on injury prevention, nutrition, and maximizing performance as well as updated exciting interactive tools for staying healthy in the new year.
  • The 2014 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic was updated to focus on tendon and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.
  • The 2013 Run-Sport Injury Prevention Clinic focused on lower extremity biomechanical issues

In Motion Physical Therapy and Fitness Center was a proud sponsor of the First Annual 2008 Cheney Challenge Bike Race. 210 racers from six states participated in this new road race. The Cheney Challenge included six races for men, women, and children’s races.

In Motion is a sponsor of the Hotfoot/Chester County Velo Cycling Team.

In Motion has also supported various other events and entities including:

  • Jerry’s Run
  • Downingtown Area School District athletics including Football, Men and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Men and Women’s Lacrosse
  • Bishop Shanahan Athletics including Basketball, Football, and Track
  • Coatesville and Downingtown Cheerleading
  • Area Moose and American Legion posts
  • Downingtown Senior Center
  • The Allyson Rose Green Memorial Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation of America
  • Sound of America Honor Band & Chorus
  • Laneybug Run
  • Josh Wagner, Triathlon Competitor