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In Motion Physical Therapy is open normal hours and accepting new patients. It remains our top priority to provide the highest quality care. We are taking extra precautions to keep our patients and staff safe per state and local guidelines.

In accordance with Chester County's transition to the Green Phase of reopening, our fitness center reopened in June. Hours: 7AM through 7PM, Monday through Friday. We will continue to monitor our occupancy and ask members to practice safe hygiene and social distancing in accordance with Chester County's Health Department guidelines.

Articles by Kristy Harper

May 28, 15 , Video: Kristy Harper DPT, OCS: importance of lower extremity alignment evaluation

Hello, my name is Kristy Harper, physical therapist and clinical manager here at In Motion Physical Therapy and fitness center in Downingtown, PA. I want to talk to you today about a biomechanical foot analysis and the foot and ankle. The foot and ankle are integral in interfacing our body with the ground helping us impact and absorb force, to help us with propulsion, and to adapt to terrain changes. If there is a problem with the foot and ankle or with gait, it can lead to problems with your low back, hip, knee or your foot and ankle. Physical therapists are musculoskeletal and biomechanical foot analysis experts. Here at in motion we can help you with your needs and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thank you!

Jul 25, 14 , If the (Running) Shoe Fits, Wear It: Biomechanical Foot Evaluation and Running Shoe Prescription

When running, many things will keep you healthy, logging miles and feeling good about your fitness routine. Eating a healthy, well balanced diet, staying well hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and adequate rest/muscle recovery should be integral factors in any type of fitness routine, Yet, perhaps the most important and often overlooked factor is the running shoe. Wearing the right shoe will help you prevent injuries and recover from those that you might have already sustained. A proper evaluation of your gait, foot type and running shoe recommendation from your physical therapist is something that can help keep you running with proper form and prevent injuries. There are three basic categories for running shoes and having your gait and your feet evaluated will help you figure out which type is right for you. Neutral or Cushioned: This type of shoe is for the runner who supinates, has a very high arch and pushes off from the outside of their foot. Supinators do not absorb ground reaction force and shock well, so they need a very cushioned shoe with midsole shock absorbing materials. Stability: This type of shoe is for the runner who mildly pronates, has a normal to low arch and pushes off from the middle to the inside of their foot. Mild pronators absorb ground reaction force adequately, but they need a bit more midfoot, sometimes forefoot control to prevent abnormal motion and biomechanics. Mild pronators need a shoe with moderate medial support with dual density midsole materials. Motion Control: This type of shoe is for the runner who overpronates, has little to no arch and pushes off from the inside of their foot/first toe. Overpronators do not need cushioning as they adapt to terrain and ground reaction force well, but need a tremendous amount of control to prevent abnormal motion at their foot and subsequent abnormal motion at their ankle, knee, hip and low back. Overpronators need a shoe with dense, thermoplastic reinforcement, little to no cushioning. Throughout the remainder of the summer and into the fall, keep this information in mind as you think about preventative measures and ways to stay healthy. Enjoy your leisurely runs and your road races and remember: if the RIGHT running shoe fits, wear it! Be well, Stay In Motion.

Jul 1, 14 , Revisionist History: All PT’s Were NOT Created Equal

All truths are NOT self evident, and NOT all are created equal. At least, not at In Motion. You see, in the proverbial pursuit of health and happiness, all physical therapists are NOT the same, not by a long shot….but, why does that matter? Because at In Motion, we believe that you, our patient, deserve the unalienable right to the best healthcare possible. How do we deliver? Through education and specialization. Three of nine of our clinicians are board certified in orthopedics. What’s the big deal you say? Well, out of 205,000 physical therapists employed in the USA, less than 8,500 or 4% of those are board certified…. nationwide. At In Motion, three of the nine on staff or 33% of our PT’s are board certified right here in Downingtown, PA. Two of our physical therapists have advanced credentials in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, AKA McKenzie Certified in the spine. One PT is Maitland Certifiied (COMT) in manual therapy; In Motion has clinicians certified in Kinesiotaping, and the Graston technique and ALL, yes All 9 of our clinicians are ART (Active Release Technique) certified. So, when you consider what factors are important with respect to your healthcare needs, I hope you will think of In Motion and the emphasis that we place on combining caring and concern for you and your individual goals, personal investment in you as a unique individual, and our continued education and specialization to ensure that your health problems are history, a thing of the past! Be well, stay In Motion!  

Jun 24, 14 , Testimonial from Josh Wagner

In the beginning of May, I began to have knee pain. On the weekend of May 17th. I had to stop during a training run because the pain was so bad. On May 20th, I emailed Dr. Meyer (Christine Meyer, MD and Associates) in a panic. I thought my race season was over. That same day Dr. Meyer replied and sent me to see Kristy Harper at (In Motion Physical Therapy and Fitness Center). I saw Kristy on Thursday, May 22nd. Ten days later I raced in the Black Bear Triathlon and finished. Today, as I write this, I feel confident in my ability to complete and be competitive in my first Ironman 70.3. This is undoubtedly a result of the fast action of Dr. Meyer and the magical hands of Kristy Harper. This isn’t the first time the pair has worked together to get me back into ‘fighting shape’ but they certainly earned a lifetime of loyalty and a vocal advocate for their services, which are second to none. See Josh’s Sponsor Info.

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